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Have you ever wondered how you could be using services like Amazon and Uber for months without speaking to their support team?

The very large tech players - Amazon, Uber, Instacart, Wayfair all started with an off-the-shelf system but as they grew they built their own systems in-house. They "productized" their customer support, made it a part of their website. Today you can login to Amazon's my account section, track shipments, change shipping address, request refunds, do cancellations in a few clicks. These very scenarios are support tickets for regular ecommerce stores.

Imagine if your business could offer a similar experience where customers can automatically resolve their issues 24x7 even when you are not in office. Richpanel is a support CRM that integrates deeply with your ecommerce store to create seamless support experiences. We help businesses that have outgrown traditional ticketing systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk & Helpscout to unlock scale and provide a hassle free customer experience.

Today, more than 1,000+ businesses have migrated to Richpanel and most of our growth has been organic, through word of mouth. Because it works.

Richpanel was started by founders with 20+ years in ecommerce and both founders have led multi-million dollar businesses before Richpanel.

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Meet the founders

Amit R G


Amit RG is the founder and CEO of Richpanel which is his second venture. His first company is now $20M in annual revenues.

When not in the office, you can find Amit at social events doing what he loves the most - talking!

GDJ Dorai

Head of Sales & Customer Success

Dorai is accountable for the success of our customers in deriving maximum value from our solution. He is responsible for quick and successful adoption of our solution by the users. He works closely with Richpanel's product teams to ensure that our product capabilities are aligned with our customers' business needs. He has over 30+ years in US Retail technology solutions, spanning ecommerce, payments, fulfillment, supply chain and customer care. Dorai has held leadership roles at eBay Enterprise, AT Kearney and worked with clients like ToysRUs, Victoria’s Secret, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Dorai is based out of our San Jose office.