Powering Customer-Obsessed Commerce

Richpanel helps retailers develop a deeper understanding of their customers by harnessing machine learning.

Here's how it works-

Connect your apps: We provide simple, plug-n-play connectors that allow retailers to collect customer data from all their apps

Identity Resolution: We use graph technology to resolve customer identities in one unified profile

Customer-Centric Apps: We use these profiles to power customer-centric apps for sales, marketing and support teams

Meet the team behind Richpanel

Amit R G


Amit is the founder and CEO at Richpanel. Amit has over a decade of experience in eCommerce. His previous venture was a retail tech company that is now 600+ employees and $20Mn in ARR.
"Find out what you love and let it kill you!" - Charles Bukowski

GDJ Dorai

Head Business Solutions

Dorai heads business solutions and heads our San Jose office. Dorai is the most experienced partner in the team with over 30+ years in the US Retail Tech. Dorai has held leadership roles at eBay enterprise, AT Kearney and worked with clients like Staples, Victoria’s Secret, Gap and Polo.
"Change is inevitable, growth is optional ;) " - Self

Kapil Singh

Head of Product

Kapil is the Product Head at Richpanel. He and his team are the force behind all the products at Richpanel. Kapil has over 10+ years of experience in product design. In his previous role, Kapil was leading product and design for an online gaming company with over 100 Mn+ in revenues. Quick-witted and creative, he keeps the team in high spirits.
"Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? We got some work to do now." - Shaggy, maybe?

Shubhanshu Chouhan

Tech Lead

Shubhanshu leads Engineering and Data Processing at Richpanel. Shubhanshu has 10+ years of experience in streaming data processing and analytics. Previously, he was leading engineering for a large analytics software company with over 2,000+ employees.
"You may be my creator but I'm your master" - Future AI
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