Richpanel + Segment: Data driven ecommerce customer service

Tamal Santra
  • May 24, 2022
  • 1 min

Richpanel provides you with a complete customer support solution inside one dashboard. 

It seamlessly integrates with ecommerce platforms to fetch customer’s store data like order history, contact details and website page views under the user profile and timeline inside Richpanel dashboard. Support agents get a complete view of the customer to provide contextual and personalized support.

Now, with the Segment integration, you can fetch a lot more custom events and properties inside Richpanel from your ecommerce store and other data sources connected with Segment.

What Is Segment?

You must be collecting a ton of users data from different tools you use for your business. It can be difficult to manage and move the data from one tool to another securely. 

Segment makes it easy by providing a highly secure data aggregator platform where you can send the user’s data from different sources, enrich the data and send it to different tools to improve your data-driven process.  

Collect user data from different sources and send them to all the tools where you want to use it.

How will this integration power-up your customer support?

As you know Richpanel already integrates with your ecommerce platform to fetch all the customers store data inside Richpanel.

Now with the Segment integration, you got a lot more power to boost up your customer support with data. When you connect your store and other data sources like your CRM or the email marketing tool you are using, Segment aggregates all the data in one place. When you connect Richpanel with Segment as a destination, Segment sends all your customers data to Richpanel.

For example: If you have your email marketing tool and store connected with Segment, you can send the events like – ‘viewed promotional email’, ‘checkout started’ and ‘coupon applied’ to the customer’s timeline inside Richpanel. Now, you can create new workflows based on the data and your support agents get a lot more context to help a customer.

Customer profile and timeline inside Richpanel

Start using Segment with Richpanel today

Ready to start using Segment to power up your customer support? Check out our step-by-step guide that will help you to set up your Richpanel and Segment integration.

Learn how Richpnel and Segment can help level up your customer store support powered by data. Schedule a one-to-one demo here.

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