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Richpanel CRM is built from the ground up for Ecommerce businesses.
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How does it work?

  1. Download the Richpanel plugin for your Ecommerce store
  2. Richpanel automatically syncs all historic data including your customers, orders and sessions
  3. Connect Email and enable Live chat for customer support in 1-min
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Take complete control of your Customer Data

Businesses today are constrained by the data gap that exists between their Storefront, Analytics, CRM and Customer Support tools. Richpanel eliminates that gap by bringing your customer data in one single platform, empowering teams to be in complete control of their data.

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Build Powerful Customer Segments

Who are your loyal customers? Which customers needs attention now? You can create powerful segments based on actions users take on your website.

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Manage All Your Conversations in One Place

Shared Visibility
Easily see new messages, unresolved emails and who's working on what to avoid duplicate and missed messages.

Multi-Channel Inbox
Save time managing multiple email accounts and other channels — social, SMS, chat, calls — without switching tools.

Respond faster by automatically moving and assigning emails to the right person, team, and inbox

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Turn visitors into customers with a beautiful Live Chat

Offer support and guide customers through to checkout with a modern messenger on your eCommerce site.

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