Convert your raw data to meaningful stories

Making data fun for teams using beautiful, simple and engaging dashboards.

Connect your Ecommerce and other tools in 1-min

Your analytics is only as good as it's data sources. Connect your data in minutes using extensive connector library which supports 50+ data sources.

  • Richpanel automatically syncs historic and live data from your apps
  • Uses AI and Machine Learning to segment customers in logical cohorts
  • Predicts segment health, future lifetime value and risk of churn

Tell engaging data stories

Richpanel unifies data from all your data sources - Ecommerce, CRM, Marketing and Web Analytics to surface key insights in fun, easy-to-consume data stories.
Beautiful dashboards that gets everyone excited about data and fuels smarter decision making.

Dynamic customer segments

Create customer segments based on customer’s most recent behavior. Sync your newly created segments with your campaigns to deliver relevant messages.

Customer segment analytics

Know what campaigns bring the most top spenders and loyal customers. Or do first time coupon buyers ever buy on full price? Know what strategies work and which to ditch.

One app to access all metrics

No need to login to multiple systems for different reports. Use one app to access all metrics of your business whether it’s web analytics, email, ecommerce, support SLAs, or in-store sales.

"We could never see customer insights in such detail before Richpanel."

Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD

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