Fast & personalized customer support at scale

Richpanel lets you deliver radically personal customer support at scale with self-service workflows, omnichannel messaging and frustration-free automation.

Game-changing customer service for ecommerce

Richpanel is the customer service platform for ecommerce stores to deliver ridiculously effective and personal customer support at scale.

Trusted by 200+ B2C brands

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Instantly resolve common issues with Self-service workflows

More than 80% of support cases are repetitive. Richpanel lets you design self-service workflows to automate these common cases. Customers get instant resolutions and you get.


Provide omnichannel support from one shared inbox

With Richpanel, customers can reach you on the channel of their choice - live chat, email, WhatsApp and Facebook. And you can manage all the messages from a simple, collaborative inbox.

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Never lose a conversation with your customers

Richpanel lets customers continue the conversation via email if they go offline from website chat. And they can seamlessly switch between chat & email in between a conversation.


Be 50% more productive with power tools

Use Power Reply to combine multiple actions; responses, assignments and support operations in one shortcut to resolve repetitive queries with a single tap of the key.

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Personalize interactions with complete customer profiles

Richpanel integrates with your website, ecommerce platform and CRM tools to fetch all the customer data in one place. Agents can see and use the data in responses and templates to assist customer quickly, at scale.


Easily collaborate in and across teams

Built for support teams of all sizes, create unlimited users and teams. Get all the collaboration tools needed to streamline your support at any scale.

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  • Victoria Shanley, CMO
    My favorite feature is the self service portal where our customers can answer their own questions without actually needing to talk to a representative. With this feature alone we have cut our emails in half!
    Victoria Shanley, CMO
    Frenchie Bulldog
  • Jessica Taylor
    client-logo-caliraisedledThis tool has been very helpful for the growth of our business. It's removed entirely the need for us to hire on another customer service team member. Glad to have added this on!
    Jessica Taylor
    Cali Raised Led
  • Julian Quintães, CEO
    client-logo-pawz We migrated from Zendesk and reduced agent handled interaction by 40%. The self-service portal is helping our customers resolve most of the queries and only redirecting the complex issues to our team.
    Julian Quintães, CEO
  • Thea Lopatka, Founder/CEO
    client-logo-umaidry We are finding Richpanel has brought structure and sanity to our rapidly growing support team. We've been able to quickly graduate from canned responses and an anaemic Help Center to a truly robust means of supporting customers without losing our minds in the meantime.
    Thea Lopatka, Founder/CEO
    UMAi Dry
  • client-logo-omega3inovations We can see customer's orders & tracking info right inside the agent screen. This is a huge time saver and our agents don't have to switch back and forth between helpdesk & store admin anymore.
    Omega3 Innovations

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