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Key Results


Reduction in Tickets

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Customer Satisfaction Score


  • Thinx is a generational brand focused on building a healthier world through bold and innovative menstruation and incontinence products.
  • They have been shipping millions of units since 2013 while constantly adding new product lines.

What problems were you trying to solve

  • The Thinx team weren’t adequately prepared to handle scale. Tickets increased exponentially with rapid growth.
  •  Being a personal care brand, it was important that the customer experience was consistent and timely.
  • As they were scaling their CX team, they experience difficulties in queue management and workload allocation.

What results were you able to achieve after moving to Richpanel

  • 50%

    Reduction in Tickets
    The self-service solution was a game-changer for a high order volume brand, Thinx. They were able to resolve more than 50% of customer queries without routing to a support agent.

  • 94%

    Richpanel was able to drive up the CSAT by introducing automation to handle repeated queries at scale and by streamlining the support experience that the Thinx agents were able to deliver.


We were really excited about Richpanel before on-boarding due to the amazing self-service options available for our customers and they have not disappointed! The resolution rates for their self-service portal easily surpass the rates seen with other popular tools!

  • Alice Warren Head of CX, Shethinx.com

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