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  • Millions of dollars of research to develop products that simply work, every time.
  • Bring quality dental care to all.  500,000+ Happy Customers.
  • Helping the 18 million American children without access to dental care.

What problems were you trying to solve

  • Wanted to create a service experience consistent with the product quality we offer.
  • We were struggling to keep up with tickets approaching the Holiday Peak.
  • Needed a short term solution to get through the Peak and a longer-term solution.

Previous Helpdesk

What results were you able to achieve after moving to Richpanel

  • 87%

    We have been consistently gaining on CSAT,  since launching Richpanel. Customers love the self-service experience and the agents now have the time to engage better with the customers

  • 40%

    Reduction in tickets
    Richpanel’s self-service works like a charm!

What do you like most about Richpanel


Ability to add new tool in the middle of Holiday Peak

We were hesitant to test a new tool in the middle of the Holiday Peak. Richpanel came up with a  creative way to use their tool without disrupting our current setup. We still saw an immediate drop in tickets. After the peak, we trained all the agents in Richpanel’s tool and the transition was easy.

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