Move beyond clicks, views and opens

Richpanel was built to help businesses maximize Customer Lifetime Value, not just activity metrics like clicks, visits and opens.

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  1. Connect your apps to Richpanel using plug-n-play integrations
  2. Richpanel automatically syncs all historic data including your customers, orders and sessions
  3. Richpanel will convert heaps of raw data to meaningful insights

Track and measure all customer activity

Once connected to your cart platform, Richpanel creates a 360-degree profile of customers

Each customer profile in Richpanel is made of:

  • Session data - sessions, time spent, events fired, product interactions and searches
  • Revenue data - Orders, Lifetime Value, Refunds and Messages.
  • Marketing data- Acquired via, Last Touch channel
  • Predictions- Predicted LTV, Risk of Churn. Powered by AI.

Dynamic customer segments

Segment your customers using Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) models.

Customer Segmentation Features:
  • Behavior based - segment customers based on product interactions, searches or pages viewed or items clicked
  • Revenue metrics - segment customers based on revenue, Average Order Value, churn probability and order count
  • Continuously updating - your segments update continuously to add/remove members based on recent actions


Merchandise Performance

See key stats about merchandise at product and category levels.

  • Revenue by each product and category
  • Refunds by product and category
  • Inventory velocity and time to replenish

Marketing Performance

Our software helps marketers understand which individual campaigns are driving first purchases, repeat purchases, customer loyalty, average order value, and other customer-centric metrics.

Which campaigns are driving first purchases vs repeat purchases?
What actions drives Average Order Value, Customer Loyalty?
Which product categories do shoppers most likely make their first or second purchase from?

"I love how it offers out of the box integration with our Ecommerce platform. Very easy to setup!"

Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD

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