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Built for ecommerce, Richpanel provides you with all the tools you need to streamline your support operation in one dashboard and provide one-to-one personalized support at any scale.

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Powering up the customer support of ecommerce businesses of all sizes

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Provide Amazon-like self-service to eliminate up to 30% repetitive contacts

Provide a self-service experience exactly like amazon on your store. Offer a fully personalized support dashboard where your customers view and track orders, browse FAQs and start a conversation all in one place. Create interactive workflows to help them find a solution or submit a support request without prolonged back and forth communication.

Streamline your ecommerce support in one Omnichannel platform

Use one shared inbox for all your support channels - email, live chat and WhatsApp. With omnichannel support, agents can manage all conversations from one place. Deep integration with your ecommerce platform lets the agents view and use the customer’s ecommerce data right inside the dashboard. Agents get all the tools they need to resolve ecommerce issues faster than ever.

Manage frequent support scenarios with bespoke self-service workflows

Easily create self-service workflows for the most common support scenarios of your store. Whether it’s just a product-related query or an order level support request like shipping address change, return, exchange etc, our drag and drop workflow builder let you create the self-service decision trees with super ease. Use order item selection and user input fields to automate the data collection.

Supercharge your ecommerce support operation with power tools

Richpanel is built to scale your ecommerce customer support without scaling your team. Use augmented automation wherever you need to rev up your support process. Easily collaborate in and across functions. Leverage the customer data platform for deep insights and personalized communication.

“With Richpanel, our team members see all of their customer information in one place and no longer have to waste time looking it up. We have increased customer satisfaction and decreased our workload”

Peter Woog

CEO - Plastic Printers

All the ecommerce customer support tools you need

Power up your ecommerce support with Richpanel

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