Help Desk For Ecommerce

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Special Help Desk designed for Ecommerce to effortlessly manage customers, orders and messages in one collaborative workspace.

Manage All Customer Support Channels

Say goodbye to ticket numbers and no-reply emails. With Richpanel, customers can contact you through their channel of choice and Richpanel will organize all conversations neatly inside the customer’s timeline; enabling agents to quickly respond without asking for ticket numbers or order IDs.

One app to manage and respond to customer messages from email, chat and social.


Live chat

Help center



No Need To Switch Between Multiple Tools

Customer Information Panel

Richpanel pulls all the data from your apps to display customer profile, orders, subscriptions and payments right inside the help desk.

Customer Timeline

Richpanel tracks customer’s browsing activity, ecommerce events and messages inside the Customer Timeline; enabling agents to understand the context and provide quick service without switching back and forth between tools.

Take Actions Inside The Help Desk

Perform order operations right inside the help desk.

Cancel orders and issue refunds

Let agents modify orders and issue refunds inside the help desk.

Send custom quotes

Convert your support agents to sales advocates. Let agents drive sales by creating custom quotes and collect payments.


Automate Repetitive Tasks With Bots

Use custom bots to automate common tasks that agent would do at the beginning of each conversation; making them more productive.

Data Collection

Let bots collect basic customer data that your agents would normally ask upfront, speeding up response and resolution times.


Let bots assign conversations to the best agent based on the information provided by the customer

Expectation Setting

Let visitors know when they can expect a response if they start a chat outside business hours.

Monitor Team Performance

See how teams are fairing on customer feedback and reply times.

SLA Adherence

See how teams are performing on target reply and resolution times.


Analyze conversation counts by day, busiest times, frequent ticket types and more.

View customer feedback

See how teams and agents are being rated by customers.

Automations and Intelligent Routing

Route conversations to the right teams and agents by using assignment rules.

All Help Desk Features You Need

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