Live Chat For Ecommerce

Richpanel Live Chat was designed specifically for Ecommerce businesses to make conversations fun, effortless and personal through customer timeline and context cards.

More Than A Chat Messenger

Once the visitors are logged in, they can view their orders, addresses and payment requests right inside the messenger.

Orders and Live Status

Let Customers view recent orders and their live status in the messenger

Accept Payments

Agents can create draft orders and quotes and accept payments inside the messenger

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Customers can view and edit their subscriptions inside the messenger


Ecommerce Context Cards

Agents can embed context cards inside the chat to answer common queries and provide a rich, fun chat experience.

Bots That Greet, Gather Info And Route Customers

Never miss a conversation when you are offline. Let bots greet customers, collect basic information, communicate wait times and route conversations to the right agent.

Automate tasks that agents would anyways do at the start of each conversation.


Know Your Customers and Website Visitors

Agents can view customer’s browsing history and timeline to visualize customer journey and engage customers with thoughtful, personalized messages.

Fully Customizable

Chat messenger that fits the look and feel of your website or apps.
Configure business hours, welcome messages and colors for the messenger.

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