Live Chat Software Specially Designed For Ecommerce Stores

Offer proactive support to visitors, guide shoppers to their favorite products, recover abandoned carts and convert more customers with a live chat software specially designed for ecommerce.

Help customer help themselves

Richpanel Live Chat software integrates with your cart platform to display relevant, contextual information right inside the chat widget. Giving customers a seamless way to view latest orders, track order status and refer FAQs. Thereby helping customers to get answers quickly and eliminating unnecessary contacts.

Auto qualify visitors & route them to the right person

The bots can automatically collect visitor emails, set reply-time expectations, qualify visitors and do skill based routing.


See & Use Ecommerce Data in Your Responses

Richpanel pulls data from your ecommerce store to display customer’s orders & browsing activity right next to each conversation. Agents don't have to toggle between multiple systems and have full context to deliver highly-personal, memorable support experiences.

Everything's in one place. What usually took minutes, now only takes a few seconds.

Anne-Marie Chalmers, Owner at Wellpride

Put your support on Autopilot

20-40% of support queries in Ecommerce are repetitive. The bots can answer common queries and free up your agent's time for more complex customer service requests.


Support customers 24x7

A typical visitor will stay on your website for less than 5 minutes. It's not always possible to respond before the visitor leaves the site. With Richpanel, customers can continue the conversation on email if they go offline. And they can seamless switch between chat & email in between a conversation.

Set up the live chat & bots in 2-mins

Upgrade to a modern chat messenger that fits the look and feel of your website. Works seamlessly across all screen sizes and devices.

Ecommerce integrations

Richpanel has plug-n-play integrations with all popular cart platforms. Our integrations also pull historic orders and customer data in to the helpdesk so you are not starting on a blank slate. The integrations also track website activities, orders, shipment & tracking information so your agents have all context inside the helpdesk.

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