Instantly resolve up to 80%
Ecommerce issues with Self-service

Ditch the generic, impersonal knowledgebase that your customers hate using. Offer personalized and actionable self-service dashboard to simplify order tracking, cancellations, refunds, re-orders and other common issues.

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Build awesome support experiences with self-service flows

Guide customers through a tree of issue types and take common actions to provide instant resolutions.

Customer support, that is in one place, not all over the place

Getting support is a struggle when it’s spread across FAQs, emails, returns, chats, etc. But with Richpanel, customers have one place to see FAQs, track orders, initiate returns and talk to support - all from one place.


Always on, round the clock

Self-service dashboards are always-on, round the clock to assist customers when your agents are busy or offline so customers find resolutions 24x7.

Cut off hours of resolution times by collecting all the necessary information from the get-go

Agents dont have to juggle between 3-5 screens to assist customers. They see complete context of the support request along with full customer profile in the same interface. Agents save up to 70% of their time otherwise wasted in multi tasking between tools.

Powering customer support of the fastest growing ecommerce brands

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