Some of the most common questions we get.

Who is Richpanel for?
Ecommerce stores that are looking to streamline and automate their customer service.
When should I consider Richpanel?
When your support agents are spending too much time handling repetitive queries and tasks. When you have a backlog of tickets and you can’t keep up. When you are considering hiring more agents.
Who is using Richpanel?
As of today, more than 1,000+ ecommerce stores use Richpanel to automate their customer service. Clients include Shethinx, TheProteinWorks, Pawz, PlasticPrinters & 310Nutrition
What kind of results can I expect?
Most of our clients are able to reduce their ticket volumes by 30-60% within 4 weeks of migrating.
How does it work?
We integrate with your commerce platform to sync orders & customers. You can then use our drag and drop builder to create self-service flows and automate things like “where is my order”, “I want to exchange this item”, “Can I change the ship to address” and anything else that is repeat support occurrence.

Watch a video demo here.
We have used Chatbots & Help Center solutions. How is this different?
Chatbots and Help Center try to ‘deflect’ customers to FAQs whereas Richpanel ‘resolves’ customer issues. Just like the way you can track an order on Amazon, do an exchange, do a return, request an address change. And we don’t make it difficult for customers to get in touch.
Our customers like to talk to agents. Aren’t we degrading the customer experience by automation?
Automation does not degrade customer experience, the wrong kind of automation does. Amazon has constantly ranked amongst the top customer service companies. Yet customers don’t remember the last time they actually spoke to an agent on phone or chat. Customers actually prefer self-service for things like “where is my order” or “change shipping address”. They can do this round the clock and do it in 60 seconds as oppose to chatting with someone for 10-15 mins.
How long does it take to implement?
Less than a day if you are on one of our supported platforms – Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce. If you are on another platform then you’d need to use our APIs to send us customer & order data which can take a couple of weeks to build.
Do I need support agents after I migrate to Richpanel?
Yes you’ll still need agents. We do not replace support agents. We just make their work uncluttered and efficient.
What about the queries that can’t be resolved by self-service flows ?
We provide a simple, unified Inbox for agents to manage queries from email, live chat, phone, facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp. Agents can also see order history and take actions in the same interface. This helps agents to do everything needed from one place without switching tabs
I already have a Helpdesk / CRM
You can use Richpanel on top of your existing helpdesk/CRM or you can replace your helpdesk and use Richpanel as your end-to-end customer service platform.
I want to try it
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