Ecommerce Tracking and Analytics | GA vs Richpanel

Richpanel is the most advanced Ecommerce Tracking and Analytics tool that is integrated with your cart software. Measure metrics like Customer Lifetime Value, Product Returns, Marketing Performance and sales from Marketplaces in one consolidated dashboard.

1-min integration with all cart platforms


Beyond Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is an excellent tool for web analytics. However,

  • GA data is anonymized. Cannot be tied back to a known individual or customer.
  • Marketplace sales data cannot be tracked in GA.
  • 10%-25% of orders are cancelled or returned. GA cannot track revenue impact from this. - this is a big one
  • GA cannot track revenue from orders modified by store owners or duplicate orders or recurring/auto-ship orders
  • GA cannot tell you what channels bring the most profitable customers - quality over quantity

360-degree view of the Customer

Richpanel combines data from eCommerce, tracking script and marketplaces to create a 360-degree view of Customers

Each customer profile in Richpanel is made of:

  • Session data - sessions, time spent, events fired, product interactions and searches
  • Revenue data - Orders, Lifetime Value, Refunds and Messages.
  • Marketing data- Acquired via, Last Touch channel
  • Predictions- Predicted LTV, Risk of Churn. Powered by AI.

Dynamic customer segments

Segment your customers using Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) models.

Customer Segmentation Features:
  • Behavior based - segment customers based on product interactions, searches or pages viewed or items clicked
  • Revenue metrics - segment customers based on revenue, Average Order Value, churn probability and order count
  • Continuously updating - your segments update continuously to add/remove members based on recent actions


Merchandise Performance

See key stats about merchandise at product and category levels.

  • Revenue by each product and category
  • Refunds by product and category
  • Inventory velocity and time to replenish

Marketing Performance

Traditional analytics may tell you quantity of conversions by channel. Richpanel can show you the quality of conversions by each channel.

What marketing initiatives drive quality conversions?
What channels bring the most top spenders and loyal customers.
Do first time coupon buyers ever become loyal customers?

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Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD

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