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Before & After Richpanel Help Desk Ticketing System

Help Desk Ticketing System with Richpanel

Why Richpanel is the best Help Desk Ticketing System

Richpanel is the ideal Help Desk Ticketing System for your business as our focus on e-commerce enables us to include all the pertinent features required to meet your targets. Here are some specifics on what makes Richpanel the ideal partner for your online store:


Customer-First Self-Service Software

Customer service agents have their hands full for the most part of their working hours and our self-service software can very well be their salvation. We provide all the necessary tools to create a self-service tool for your business that can take up as much as 50% of the ticket management load and resolve them before reaching the agent. The customer support ticket management software can also be personalized for each customer and resolve their issues without redirecting them to external sources.

Consolidated Help Desk & Ticket Management

Richpanel’s ticketing software addresses the core issues that service agents face and seek to rectify it accordingly. Its help desk provides a robust structure for handling customer issues with multiple communication channels ranging from LiveChat, Email, Facebook and Whatsapp. It also features a sleek design that lets users see all pertinent info like tracking info, edit orders and issue refunds without switching tabs.


Intelligent Live Chat and Messaging

Hold onto your website visitor with our live chat and messaging feature to bring in more conversions. Proactively interact with your customer without pressurizing service agents while delivering real-time support. Accomplish all this with Richpanel’s ticket management system while delivering a seamless experience for the customer using personalized interactions by linking to company databases and prior conversations or tickets.

Scale without hiring more agents

Expand your business without the logistical scruples using Richpanel’s help desk ticketing system. Richpanel allows for a high degree of customization which can allow it to resolve all customer queries before reaching a human agent thereby allowing your company to cater to a larger customer base without onboarding more agents.


Manage all messages in one place

No need to shift through endless pages and a plethora of tabs to get the job done. Get a one stop shop with Richpanel help desk software and proceed to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

Modern User Interface & User Experience

Resolve customer issues with a ticketing software that boasts state-of-the art UI and UX. Customers will get a wholesome experience while interacting with the software which will enable the resolving of a ticket without reaching the human agent.


Easy to use

The ticketing system’s interface is designed to be user-friendly and can be used by everyone without requiring any specialized training.

Instant set up

It takes just a few minutes to get the ball rolling as Richpanel’s ticketing system can be effortlessly implemented into your business. You can make use of all its features almost immediately.


Unlimited Users & Teams

There are no limitations to the number of systems the ticketing software can support. It helps your company cater to a large audience.

World-class support

Richpanel’s help desk ticketing system does not compromise on the quality of service and delivers support that is as good as the one delivered by a human agent.


Integrations to connect with your favorite apps

Richpanel allows to integrate with the tools you already use. Be it Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Whatsapp, Aircall or Zendesk, Richpanel got you covered.

So, what is a help desk ticketing system again?


Businesses have come to understand that the success of a company relies heavily on the customer-centric approach that is adopted. This translates to providing quality customer service to improve the bottomline as happy customers are more likely to be repeat customers while spreading the word about your business in a positive light. In addition to a streamlined gameplan, businesses need to have a real time approach to achieve customer service targets and that is where a help desk ticketing system comes into play.

Known by many names such as service desk software and customer support desk, it is a key player in delivering reliable customer service in realtime.

A ticket is a document that logs the interaction between a customer and service agent and it could include a query, service request or grievance. To ensure customer satisfaction levels remain high, these tickets need to be resolved as soon as possible.

A help desk typically functions as a resource that uses workflow and automation to execute certain core tasks. This help desk technology is adopted for incident management with respect to tickets and hastens resolution by tracking customer support interactions from various endpoints such as social media or emails.

Agents can use the help desk systems software to keep track of raised tasks or even enable them to handle tickets by giving the software access to company databases that include information like purchase history. All in all, a help desk ticketing software improves time management and other organizational metrics while easing the burden off service agents resulting in prompt responses to customers.


How does the help desk ticketing system work?

Although the mechanics behind it are a tad complicated, the general principle of how a ticketing system functions is pretty straightforward. The steps involved in a typical ticketing process is expounded below:

How the help desk ticketing system works

1. Ticket Creation

Once the issue is raised by the customer, the system logs it into a ticket for resolution and future verification. Both customer and sales agents can refer back to the thread that has been created and rectify any issues that pop up.


2. Automated reply

The automated live chat feature of the ticketing system will respond to the issue raised by the customer and provide the necessary responses on his/her favored medium. If the issue is resolved at this point, the customer can go ahead and close the ticket.


3. Connect with Human Agent

If the automated responses are unable to rectify the customer’s issue, he/she is then patched over to the sales rep who will then take up the problem.


4. Ticket Management

Once the ticket is raised with the agent, it is bounced to the appropriate department or expert who sends it back to the agent once a solution is found.


5. Ticket Resolution

The ticket is verified by either the agent/customer and if the required task is achieved, then the ticket is subsequently closed. Help desk ticketing system gives provision for ticket resolution to be carried out by the rep or customer as per the circumstance.


Where is Help Desk Ticketing System used?

The scope of Help Desk ticketing system is virtually limitless as its defining characteristic and potent execution features make it a powerful service tool for the likes of issue and conflict resolution. Almost all customer facing businesses have a need for this feature and one of the most common applications for it are with website chatbots that functions by organizing tickets and funneling it to the right service agent.

IT tech support is another niche that is greatly benefitted by a support ticketing system. This is because most companies have limited IT support personnel with respect to the number of systems they employ and a help desk ticket management software allows the support team to handle issues more efficiently. This is vital as delayed resolution can bring down the productivity of the whole company by a significant margin.

Finally, the sector which has benefited the most from service ticket softwares is e-commerce. Due to the scale of e-commerce operations, resources are often stretched thin as their client base extends far beyond that of a brick and mortar business. Moreover, customer service is paramount as that is what sets the particular brand apart. This makes the time required for ticket resolution an important metric and a help desk ticketing system ensures that the numbers reflect positively.

Other domains where a help desk ticketing system is gaining traction are healthcare, banking, automobile, postal and retail industries.


What are the benefits of Help Desk Ticketing System?

The help desk ticketing software is designed to hasten ticket resolution and streamline the process. There are numerous benefits of integrating it to your business and they are as follows:


Automated task management

Ticket creation, categorization and routing can be handled by the software without any human intervention.


Centralized organization

A central dashboard is enabled to take care of ticket resolution which expedites the process by eliminating administrative delay.


Efficiency increment

Backlogs can be avoided due to faster resolution which brings down stress on the agents encouraging higher productivity from their side.


Service improvement opportunity

A very powerful feature of help desks is that they come with advanced analytic tools with pertinent metrics that will let you know where changes can be made to get better results


Boost profit margin

Prompt ticket resolutions will significantly improve customer satisfaction which encourages them to do more business with you. This improves loyalty and helps build the reputation of your brand which directly translates to higher revenue streams.


Higher reliability and cost savings

The ticketing software can function 24/7 without any hiccups. Thus, fewer agents need to be employed which helps cut down on costs.


How to use the help desk ticketing system?

Help desk ticketing systems have a fairly intuitive design and are easy to use. Following installation, set up the basic input requirements such as web forms and trackers. Subsequently perform integrations with the platforms where the ticketing system’s functions are required. Share it with the concerned employees and they will be able to use it with minimal training. Follow that up with the required customization to suit your business model.

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