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Be creative with your pitch. Tell us what makes you awesome!

We are looking for someone specific. See below.

  • Has lead a development team for SAAS or played an instrumental role in building a SAAS product.
  • Has worked in a startup with $2mm to $10mm+ in revenues
  • Would jive with our personality (cultural fit)
  • Appreciates an aggressive salary + aggressive growth-based incentives
  • Is driven, ambitious and confident
  • Is phenomenal at Javascript, can think and build for Scale. Writes clean code for everyone else to follow.
  • Great team player
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Why work here?

We pay well

We are demanding so it’s only fair we pay the gems we hire what they deserve. We’ll go above and beyond to hire the right person.

Stock options

We are all working towards the same goal. It’s only fair that everyone benefits from success.

Equal Opportunity Provider

We don't care about your education, your background, your race, your gender. You’ll be known for your work and work only.

We are the sum parts of our people

We value our people. Whatever we are, whatever we will be is because of our people. We take great pride in each one of our own. You’ll be valued and respected, always!

What are we building?

In the age of Netflix and Amazon, thriving in commerce requires deep understanding of customer behaviors.

Richpanel is helping retailers across the globe reshape the next generation of commerce.

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Our work is getting a ton of love 😍


1What is the Interview Process?
After you fill the short form on this page, we are going to send you an email requesting more details. If your application is short listed, you'll get an initial intro call and technical assignment.

You will typically get 2-3 days to complete the assignment. Our teams will be available to answer any questions when you are doing the assignment. This is your main interview. Impress us here and you are golden!

Last round will be a in-person round. This is to show you around our offices, introduce the new member to the team and answer any questions you may have. Objective here is to make you feel comfortable.
2What is the Salary I can expect?
Salary will depend upon how you fair in the tech assignment. We have different assignments for candidates at different levels.

To give you a range, a typical candidate with 2-3 years of experience will make 9 Lacs -18 Lacs per annum plus stock options at Richpanel, Mumbai.

This range is different for a more seasoned, experienced candidate.
3When will I know if my application is selected/rejected for the next round?
We respect each and every candidate that applies at Richpanel. We will always inform you of your application status at each stage. We ask for 24 hours but we generally respond faster.
4I have a reference, how can I refer the candidate?
You are awesome. Send us your reference contact details on [email protected]

If the candidate you refer is selected, we'll send you a Amazon gift card worth Rs 5,000 as a thank you gift :)
5I have more questions
Fill the form above. And we'll call you back within 24 hours. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Tell us what makes you the perfect fit. Keep it short. Keep it interesting.

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