Identity Resolution using Graph Technology

Real time identity resolution and record linkage from disparate data sources using Graph Databases. Resolve identities with industry leading match rates and accuracy to enable cross-device and cross-channel personalization.

Customer Identity Graphs

Richpanel stores and processes billions of customer data points to create complete, accurate ID graphs for each customer. The ID graph stores all known identifiers that correlate with an individual customer including usernames, email, phone, cookies, device IDs, IP addresses, loyalty card numbers and more.

Advanced Matching Capabilities

Deterministic Matching

The matching technique relies on known identifiers for a customer like usernames, emails and phone. When Richpanel identifies two or more records with same identifiers, it links the records together in a unified customer profile. This is the most accurate form of record linkage.

Probabilistic Matching

Richpanel uses AI and active learning on customer behaviors like browsing patterns and meta information like location, IP and device IDs to link unknown devices in a cluster. The accuracy is lower compared to deterministic matching but you'll see much higher match rates.

Unified Customer Profiles

Unlike most other solutions in the market, the Richpanel ID graph is not limited to customer identifiers and cookies. It stores up-to-the-minute customer behaviors and properties in a Unified Customer Profile.

Multi-level Identity Resolution

It is very common for households to use the same user account. Businesses may want to target individuals and devices instead of households for various reasons. Richpanel’s multi-level identity resolution enables just that.

Businesses can view analytics and segment customers on various levels including devices, people and households. Richpanel groups devices that share the same IP patterns throughout the day and have similar browsing behaviors in cohorts to identify individuals in a household.

Query customer ID graphs with Richpanel API

Richpanel ID graph technology can traverse through billions of nodes within milliseconds allowing your marketing and ad tools to access the ID graphs in real time. Personalize customer messaging and improve ad relevance using customer’s most up-to-date behaviors.

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