Powerful Kustomer alternative. Designed for scale.

Scale your customer service with an "Amazon-like" customer experience. Eliminate 50-60% of your support tickets, free up agent time and increase revenues.

Over 1,000+ ecommerce brands have upgraded to Richpanel.

1,000+ ecommerce brands have upgraded to Richpanel

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  • Julian Quintães, CEO
    We migrated from Zendesk to Gorgias and then to Richpanel. We reduced agent handled interaction by 50%. The self-service portal is helping our customers resolve most of the queries and only redirecting the complex issues to our team.
    Julian Quintães, CEO
  • Hov Mkhitaryan
    We've realized a 30-40% self-resolution rate through Richpanel's self-service platform. We've freed up our customer service from answering self-resolvable questions.
    Hov Mkhitaryan
    Head of Product, 310Nutrition.com
  • Alice Warren
    We were really excited about Richpanel before on-boarding due to the amazing self-service options available for our customers and they have not disappointed! The deflection rates for their self-service portal easily surpass the rates seen with other popular tools!
    Alice Warren
    Head of CX, Shethinx.com
  • client-logo-caliraisedled
    This tool has been very helpful for the growth of our business. It's removed entirely the need for us to hire on another customer service team member.
    Jessica Taylor
    CX, CaliRaisedLed.com

See how Richpanel is different

60-80% of tickets in Ecommerce are repetitive. We help you automate these

Customer Support teams spend their time answering the same questions day in and day out. They no longer need to.

With Richpanel, your customers can resolve these types of queries themselves. Agents can focus on the queries that matter, not the mundane.

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Support your customers on all channels from one place

Richpanel brings all your support channels into one single intuitive dashboard. Customer Support teams can answer messages and queries from all channels, including Email, Live Chat, Phone, & Social Media.

Customer Support agents no longer have to switch tabs to respond to a customer, ever!

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Built for high grossing stores

Other platforms are great to start with. But for high grossing ecommerce stores, they are not enough. Richpanel is ideal for businesses looking for leverage to grow even faster and further.

Richpanel is for ecommerce businesses looking to scale customer service without adding more headcount.

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We are rated 5/5 on the Shopify App Store, G2Crowd, & Capterra

As of writing this page, we have 52 reviews rated at 5-star by ecommerce merchants that are grossing $10M+ and $100M+.

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Hands-on onboarding & monthly reviews to improve your CSAT

We work closely with you and your team to learn and understand the needs of your business. We then help you quickly set up and get started.

You get monthly reviews with our team to understand your progress, the results you are getting, and how you can further improve the customer service experience you are providing.

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Integrate your entire ecommerce stack

Out of the box integration with Yotpo, Klaviyo, Aircall, Recharge, Smile, Postscript and many more.

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