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Richpanel is the messaging platform for Ecommerce teams. The next generation of workers will be mobile and our tools make it easy for Ecommerce teams to talk to their and resolve support tickets - on mobile. It's the new painless way to assist customers, at scale.


An average American business uses 16+ SaaS apps; many of which store some form of customer data. When you contact the support teams, they often have to toggle between multiple tools to lookup information and take actions. This is an error prone process and slows down the support teams. Richpanel consolidates customer data inside the helpdesk making it easy for agents to get the full customer picture and assist customers quickly. They can also take actions like cancel/refund/edit an order without leaving the helpdesk. This makes it extremely easy for agents to talk to their customers, no matter where they are using just their mobile phones.

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You can use our logo and branding where you have the right to do so. Please don't alter our logo or combine it with any other graphics. Don't use Richpanel name in your app name, or implying endorsement from or a partnership with Richpanel without written consent from us. If in doubt, feel free to get in touch with us at

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