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Create a beautiful self-service portal in minutes. Resolve up to 40% of issues without reaching agents and save customer support costs.
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The customer support choice for the fastest growing ecommerce brands.

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Overwhelmed with support tickets?

Richpanel self-service starts resolving customer issues instantly and delivers up to 50% self-service rate. Freeing up agents to work on tickets that need time and attention.


Personalized for every customer

Ditch the generic FAQs/ Knowledge-base, for a self-service experience that is personalized for each customer. Surface the most relevant scenarios based on customer stage and order status. Eg: Let user's change shipping address before it's shipped or let users request a refund for upto 30 days after delivery.

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Resolve, don't deflect

Instead of redirecting customers to articles, give them an effortless experience that is focused on issue resolution, not deflection.

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Scale your customer support without an expansion of your support team.

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