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Effortless Customer Service With A Multichannel Help Desk, Live Chat And Bots For Shopify.

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Get The Full Customer Picture

Richpanel pulls data from Shopify and combines demographic, transactional and behavioral data to create 360-degree view of Customers

Each customer profile in Richpanel is made of:

  • Session data - sessions, time spent, events fired, product interactions and searches
  • Revenue data - Orders, Lifetime Value, Refunds and Messages.
  • Marketing data- Acquired via, Last Touch channel
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Convert visitors to customers with Live Chat Messenger

Convert visitors into customers in real-time with this easy to use live chat messenger. Easily customize the messenger to fit the look and feel of your Shopify store.

Take Order Actions Inside the Help Desk

Cancel & refund orders in one click
Perform order operations like cancel, modify and refund inside the help desk.

Let agents cross sell & up sell in the help desk
Capture sales opportunities during service. Agents can create draft orders and send invoices.


Automate Your Support With Bots

Task Bots
Greet customers, collect data and communicate wait times with task bots. Help agents save time by automating tasks that they would generally do at the beginning of each conversation.

Answer Bots
Automate responses to common queries like 'Where is my order'. Let bots service your customers even after your team clocks out.

Customer Analytics

Customer Lifecycle
Understand how you business performs in customer retention with our life cycle analysis.

Revenues Influenced By Richpanel
See the impact of customer support and chat on conversions.

Marketing performance
See how your marketing channels are performing. What channels bring the most profitable customers?

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Richpanel automatically tracks historic and live data from Shopify

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