Complete customer support solution for your Shopify store

Shared Inbox. Order Actions. Team Collaboration. Customer Context. Shortcuts and Automation.

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Resolve 30-40% tickets with guided Self-service

30-40% ecommerce support requests are related to orders. Offer a highly personalized self-service dashboard on your Shopify store. Let your customers browse their orders, select the order-level issue going through a guided step-by-step support journey and submit a request with all the necessary info attached. Your support agents resolve the issue instantly without prolonged back and forth communication.

Helpdesk specially designed for ecommerce

Richpanel helpdesk is built to scale your support team with all the tools they need

  • Manage support requests from all channels in one inbox
  • Perform order actions right inside the helpdesk
  • Collaborate across roles, teams and multiple stores
  • Use customer ecommerce data for personalized support
  • Resolve issues faster with Shortcuts and Power Replies
  • Easily scale your support with unlimited users and teams


Intelligent live chat for your storefront

Richpanel live chat is built to give you full control over where and whom to show the messenger on your storefront.

  • Fully customizeable messenger widget
  • Easily distinguish between customers and visitors
  • View all the customer data to have the full context
  • Set availability and reply time expectations
  • Use bot to collect data and qualify leads
  • Customers can continue conversations on email
  • One shared inbox for all support channels

All you need to supercharge your customer support

Streamline your customer support in one dashboard

Unlimited users for teams of all sizes

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