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How does it work?

  1. Download the Richpanel plugin for Ecommerce
  2. Richpanel automatically syncs all historic data including your customers, orders and sessions
  3. Connect Email and enable Live chat for customer support in 1-min
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Take complete control of your Customer Data

Businesses today are constrained by the gap that exists between data and apps. Richpanel eliminates that gap by bringing your customer data in one single platform, empowering teams to be in complete control of their data.

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Empower Customer Support

Contacting support is a pivotal point in a customer journey. Richpanel powers your support teams with up-to-date customer profiles so they can personalize each interaction and leave lasting impressions.

Multi channel
Manage customer messages from email, social and live chat all in one shared inbox.

Highly productive teams
Boost team productivity with intelligent assignments, qualifications and automations.

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Turn visitors into customers with a beautiful Live Chat

Offer support and guide customers through to checkout with a modern messenger on your eCommerce site.

Move beyond clicks, visits and opens!

Richpanel organizes your store data in beautiful, actionable dashboards for your entire team.

See revenue, AOV and returns over time.

Marketing Performance
What channels bring the most profitable customers.

Customer Segments
Segment customers based on their recent behaviors and purchases.

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