11 reasons why Richpanel is the best Zendesk Alternative For Ecommerce



Richpanel is an A.I. powered Helpdesk, Help Center and Live Chat software which is simple, intuitive and is the most popular Zendesk alternative for ecommerce stores. Here we have listed down 11 reasons why leading ecommerce stores are switching from Zendesk to Richpanel.


1. All customer support tools in one place for customers

Richpanel offers a customer support experience that makes self-service fun and eliminates unnecessary contacts.

Customers can view orders, refer FAQs and contact support all from one place. With deep integrations to commerce platforms, Richpanel is able to display relevant order information and FAQs right inside the live chat widget. Once the customer is logged in, they have all account information wherever they are on the website avoiding unnecessary contact.

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2. Ecommerce self-service for customers to reduce support requests

Richpanel help center is specially designed for ecommerce. It helps your cutomers to take or request actions for their orders.

Let your customers handle 50% of their support requirement with a Amazon/Uber like self-service module. Customers can see all their recent orders and can request support for a specific issue with just a few clicks. With all the information provided by the customers, agents can resolve issues in no time.

Zendesk Self service is not made for ecommerce. It doesn't work with the orders the way Richpanel does.

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3. Support teams can manage emails & chats from a single inbox

Businesses receive tons of customer requests each day from phone, email and chat. Richpanel organizes all of this beautifully in one single view.

With Richpanel you can manage customer messages from chat, email and Whatsapp in one place in an easy, uncluttered view. You dont need separate tools to manage chat vs tickets. You can simply connect your support email, enable live chat and connect Whatsapp with Richpanel and start viewing and answering customer queries right away.

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4. Omnichannel conversation for your omnichannel customers

Your customers are omnichannel so should your business be. With Richpanel, customers can start conversations on chat and continue the same thread on email and vice versa.

Richpanel lets your support agents continue conversations with customers through multiple channels. Which means if your customer goes offline when chatting with a support agent then they can still continue the conversation on email. This helps to maintain a single conversation thread without losing context rather than creating duplicate tickets for a single client with same query.

On the other hand, Zendesk does not continue the conversation on multiple channels and has to create duplicate tickets for the same client. This leads to losing context and customer repeating their issues multiple times to get a resolution.

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5. Customer store data & insights for personalized interaction and quicker resolution

Businesses use multiple systems to store customer data. Richpanel pulls and displays relevant data to agents so they have all context.

Richpanel has deep integrations with transactional and commerce stores like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce. So when Richpanel is integrated with your store, it display data rich customer profiles and website activity inside the Helpdesk. This helps support agents to visualize the customer journey and jump straight to troubleshooting.

Zendesk does provide a customer profile but doesn't show customer timeline or history of the client in a single view which makes it very difficult for support agents to get exact context of queries.

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6. Agents are more productive with ecommerce actions

Agents can perform ecommerce operations like cancel, refund or capture new orders without leaving the helpdesk.

While Zendesk only lets your support agents view customer’s order data, Richpanel empowers your support agents to view as well as take actions on these order related details.

This means that your agents can now cancel an order on customer’s request, duplicate previous orders, edit orders or even generate refunds if needed without depending on other teams. This helps in improving efficiency and even faster resolutions to customer queries.

Learn more about Richpanel multichannel helpdesk.


7. Power tools exclusively built for ecommerce support agents

Almost 35% of support queries in ecommerce are repetitive. Ricpanel's power tools empower agents to quickly resolve the order related queries.

With Power Reply, support agents can save different response templates along with sequence of order actions for the most frequent support requests like order cancellation, shipping address change et. When they recieve a support request, they can resolve the issue and respond the customer with just 2 cliclks.

Agents can also perform ecommerce actions or insert order informations in responses using shorcuts with just a tap of the key.

Learn more about Richpanel multichannel helpdesk.


8. Automate repetitive tasks with Task Bots

More than half of support tasks are repetitive in an ecommerce business. You can automate these using conversation bots freeing up agents for more complex queries.

Richpanel Smart Bots assist the support teams for managing repetitive customer information collection. With the help of smart bots the support agents get more time to resolve complex customer requests, better routing based on information collected from customers while customers get quicker resolutions through better process management. Here are small brief on what functions can Richpanel smart bots be used:

Availability Bot
The Availability Bot does expectation setting for your customers. As soon as a customer sends a message, the bot in a conversational manner sends the expected time for replies based on the usual the usual time taken by your support team to join the conversation. During non-working hours, if a client starts a conversation, Bot informs the client, time by which they can expect a reply back from the team based on the client’s timezone.

Routing Bot
Routing Bot helps to better manage your support team and resources. When a customer starts a conversation this bot automatically inquires if they are an existing customer or a new lead. If a customer is an existing one, then the bot automatically routes the conversation to the designated team or support agent to manage existing customer queries. This smoothens operations and helps your customers get the best customer service.

Inquiry Bot
Instead of traditional inquiry forms that are placed before starting a conversation, You can use Richpanel’s Inquiry Bot. These bots collect contact info of customers in a conversational way which makes it more exciting unlike an inquiry form.

Lead Qualifying Bot
If before starting a conversation if you want to qualify a lead by collecting more than their contact details then you can do so by using this Bot. You can ask any details like their first name, city, country etc. before assigning them an appropriate agent. If it’s an existing customer the Bot will never ask these questions since these details will already exist.

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9. Helpdesk analysis to measure sales impact and customer satisfaction

With helpdesk analysis, you get a complete report on your agents performance and sales influenced by them.

Helpdesk analysis shows you a clear picture on how many conversations are being managed by each of your agents, total revenue generated by them etc. It acts like a complete report card and gives an insight which agent is influencing maximum sales. You can also deep dive into data and filter out data to view which channel is generating maximum queries or create comparison charts to see which month had most number of conversations.


10. Richpanel is more than a helpdesk

Richpanel is a powerful Ecommerce CRM and has built-in tools to manage and grow customer relationships.

Richpanel pulls customer data, traffic, revenue trends and product sales to create meaningful insights and customer 360 profiles that employees throughout the organisation can use to grow customer relationships.


11. Convert Your ecommerce data Into actionable insights

Get a complete performance report of your ecommerce store on one platform and take informed decisions.

Using Richpanel analytics you can get your data talking. With trends and breakdown reporting, you can get a complete picture of all the sales and revenue generated through their ecommerce store. You can also measure the impact of customer support on sales and reward the best performing agents.

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