Working at Richpanel

Looking for your next career move? Find out what it's like working at Richpanel. Why and Why not Richpanel may be a good fit for you.

Why should you consider Richpanel?

We pay well

We are demanding so it’s only fair we pay the gems we hire what they deserve. We’ll go above and beyond to keep our teams happy.

Catered lunch & dinner

We offer lunch and dinner on all working days. Nothing fancy but it's home made!

Annual offsite trips

Once a year, we pick a holiday destination and host the entire team for a week of work and play.

State of the art office & facilities

Not that it matters to us, but both our offices are located in prime locations, with state of the art facilities.

We are the some parts of our people

We are thankful & cherish every member. We have no hierarchy. We go out of our way to look after our own.

Stock options

We are all working towards the same goal. It’s only fair that everyone benefits from success. We give stock options for certain roles.

Why should you NOT consider Richpanel?

It's not all roses here! Like every other company, we may be a great fit for some and not great for others. We try to be transparent about our style of working and our flaws. So you can determine whether we are worthy of your next career move.

Work-life imbalance

We are a startup. We are never content and always striving for more which means the job is not always easy. Some people enjoy the responsibility and some don't.

We don't reward the hard work, only results

Life is unfair. You never get rewarded for your hard work but you get rewarded for your achievements That's what we are all about. We don't care about how hard you worked or not worked. All we care about is whether you got shit done.

We have aggressive deadline

We are in a super competitive space against companies that have raised Hundreds of Millions. We move fast and this is our superpower.

Celebrations are short

We celebrate the wins but the celebration is rather short and we are off to the next milestone.