Careers at Richpanel

We are building next generation tools using AI to help businesses unify data and personalize experiences.

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

We are looking for people smarter than us, who challenge the limits, who inspire.

Curious Souls

You are expected to absorb knowledge and concepts like “Bradley Cooper of Limitless” - just kidding, we expect more! It’s perfectly okay if you don’t know a concept today. But you sure are expected to know it the next time!


We want people to not just solve client problems. But see a problem before it even becomes a problem. We want creative geniuses that innovate on behalf of our clients.

The go getters

If our people commit to something, they get it done, period. Hurdles or shackles, easy or hard, first time or not, consider it done! We are extremely particular about giving our word to each other and to our clients; won’t promise if we can’t deliver. We encourage people to be ambitious, pioneering, punch above their weight, but what we value the most is their ability to deliver.

Why work here?

We pay well

We are demanding so it’s only fair we pay the gems we hire what they deserve. We’ll go above and beyond to hire the right person.

Stock options

We are all working towards the same goal. It’s only fair that everyone benefits from success. We will give you the option to buy stock.

Equal Opportunity Provider

We don't care about your education, your background, your race, your gender. You’ll be known for your work and work only.

We are the sum parts of our people

We value our people. Whatever we are, whatever we will be is because of our people. We take great pride in each one of our own. You’ll be valued and respected, always!

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