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Richpanel is a Customer Experience Platform specially designed for Ecommerce.

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Get The Full Customer Picture

Businesses today have different clouds for marketing, customer service, sales and other business groups; with each holding information about just one area of the company.

Richpanel builds bridges between different clouds to create a single 360 degree view of the customer.

Deliver Exceptional Service

Successful shopping experiences don’t happen by accident. They happen when you connect with customers on their terms. We design custom contact centers that help you delight customers and create long-lasting relationships.


Augment Your Team With AI Bots

Our AI powered bots are like data scientists on your payroll. Use AI bots to:

  • Automate common support requests
  • Forecast web traffic and revenues from individual channels
  • Predict future VIPs, customer lifetime values and likelihood to churn
  • Segment customers that have similar behaviors and will respond to similar messages

Experience-driven businesses outperform their peers in all customer metrics


Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Customer Retention Rates

Repeat Purchase Rates

Customer Lifetime Value

*Base: 1269 CX technology and metrics decision makers at global enterprises
**Source: A study commissioned by Forrester on behalf of Adobe, Feb 2018.

What Our Clients Are Saying?

  • Love the platform. We are able to close more sales with chat campaigns. Team is super responsive and helpful.
    Omega3 Innovations
  • Made the switch from Kayako and never looked back. The integration with Magento is super helpful and we dont have to switch between multiple screens to answer customer queries.
    Laura Willems
    Sign Site
  • Everything's in one place. What usually took minutes, now only takes a few seconds.
    Anne-Marie Chalmers

Security is ground zero for everything we do.

We take the responsibility of managing your data seriously.

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