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  • Easily connect your ecommerce store with Richpanel
  • Integrate chatbots, multiple channels, self-service & automations
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Centralize your support

With Richpanel, customers can contact you on live chat, email, contact forms & Whatsapp. And you can manage all messages from a single view.

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See & use Ecommerce data in responses

Richpanel pulls in data from your ecommerce store so agents can view customer's previous orders and website activities. They can make intelligent product recommendations, assist more conversions and resolve customer queries quickly.

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Help customers help themselves

Giving customers a seamless way to view latest orders, track order status and refer FAQs. Help customers get answers quickly and eliminate unnecessary contacts.

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Put your support on Autopilot

20-40% of support queries in Ecommerce are repetitive. The bots can answer common queries and free up your agent's time for more complex customer service requests.

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No need to man the live chat 24x7

A typical visitor will stay on your website for less than 5 minutes. It's not always possible to respond before the visitor leaves the site. With Richpanel, customers can continue the conversation on email if they go offline.

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  • We can see customer's orders & tracking info right inside the agent screen. This is a huge time saver and our agents don't have to switch back and forth between helpdesk & store admin anymore.
    Omega3 Innovations
  • Made the switch from Kayako and never looked back. The integration with Magento is super helpful and we dont have to switch between multiple screens to answer customer queries.
    Laura Willems
    Sign Site
  • Everything's in one place. What usually took minutes, now only takes a few seconds.
    Anne-Marie Chalmers

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