Gain A Holistic View Of Customers

Richpanel Customer Data Platform converts millions of data points into individual customer journeys.

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Plug-n-play integrations

Connect data from your favorite tools

  • Connectors with cloud and SAAS apps.
  • Real time integration. Watch user's activity live as it happens.
  • API to connect custom and on-premise data sources.

Build Individual Customer Journeys

Combine user history across channels and devices

Merge user's identity across channels in one profile; whether they browse the web, bought on mobile or opened an email.

Match IDs with accuracy

Proprietary graph technology to automatically merge IDs you send to Richpanel in one profile.

Advanced Customer Segments

Gain powerful insights by creating customer segments based on behaviors, customer properties and location information. Create personas like “Top spenders in current year” and “Seasonal Shoppers of last quarter”. Understand the health and volume of each segments over time.

Activate Audiences In All Your Customer Channels

Send custom audiences and segments you create in Richpanel to tools of your choice. Use enriched customer data for personalizing customer support, campaigns and in-app experiences.

Security is ground zero for everything we do.

We take the responsibility of managing your data seriously.

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