Customer Data Platform

Capture customer activities across channels and devices in one accurate profile. Then use this information to personalize every customer’s experience in real time.

Connect, unify and enrich your data

Connect and unify data from all sources including - ecommerce, CRM and Ad platforms. Choose data destinations to send enrichments for real time personalization.

Single Customer View

Enable the foundation for one-on-one marketing using the Single Customer View. Richpanel connects all your data sources to unify customer properties, devices, cookies, behaviors and timeline. Easy to use API to query customer profiles in real-time.

Customer timeline and Live view

Visualize your customer’s journey and past sessions. Live view to see how customers are browsing the website (or mobile app) now.

Detailed customer profile

Your team has one click access to customer’s profile, sessions, subscriptions and orders with live statuses.

AI based Entity Resolution using graph technology

Richpanel uses AI on graph databases to connect; 1) devices with people and 2) people with households. Richpanel's graph technology accounts for customer behaviors and meta information like location, IP addresses and browsing patterns to accurately match devices and people so you can provide unified experiences across screens.

Option to resolve entities at Household, Customer and Device levels for use case based analytics and personalization.

Create and sync personas

Gain powerful insights by creating customer personas based on behaviors, customer properties and location information. Create personas like “Top spenders in current year” and “Seasonal Shoppers of last quarter”. Sync audiences with your marketing ecosystem to personalize campaigns and in-app experiences.

Sync first party data with DMPs of your choice for audience amplification.

Security is ground zero for everything we do.

We take the responsibility of managing your data seriously.

Connector marketplace

Connect data from 50+ sources

  • 50+ connectors with cloud and SAAS apps.
  • Real time integration. Watch user's activity live as it happens.
  • API to connect custom and on-premise data sources.

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