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1What is a conversation?
A conversation can be an email thread or a chat with the customer. A conversation can include any number of messages in a thread and will be counted as one conversation.
2Will I be charged for marketing and other subscription emails?
We only count conversations that you respond to via Richpanel. You won't be billed for incoming messages, spam and marketing emails.
3What if we exceed our monthly usage?
Free plan: We dont stop collecting your data or messages. So you can respond to the messages after upgrading to a paid plan.

Paid plans: Once you've finished using your prepaid amount of monthly conversations you'll be charged our à la carte rate for each additional 100 conversations.
4What features included in the free plan
We don't restrict any core features on the free plan. But there is a limit of 100 conversations/month.
5What level of support is included in my plan?
Our customers love us for our worldclass support. We are available on email, chat and phone, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
6What discounts are available?
The prices shown on this page are monthly. Annual plans are available at 17% discount.
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