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360-degree view of the Customer

Richpanel combines demographic, transactional and behavioral data to create 360-degree view of Customers

Each customer profile in Richpanel is made of:

  • Session data - sessions, time spent, events fired, product interactions and searches
  • Revenue data - Orders, Lifetime Value, Refunds and Messages.
  • Marketing data- Acquired via, Last Touch channel
  • Predictions- Predicted LTV, Risk of Churn. Powered by AI.

Convert visitors to customers with Live Chat Messenger

Convert visitors into customers in real-time with this easy to use live chat messenger. Easily customize the messenger to fit the look and feel of your Woocommerce store.

Helpdesk and Ticketing for Woocommerce

All chats are routed to the easy-to-use agent screen

Multi channel
Manage customer tickets from email, social and live chat all in one place.

Team features
Powerful collaboration features like private notes, assignments and canned responses.

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Woocommerce Analytics

Track and measure all important metrics of your Woocommerce store

Revenue dashboard
Track revenue, average order value, returns and refunds.

Customer Segmentation
Create customer segments based on attributes and behaviors. Eg: Loyal Customers, VIP and Sale Shoppers.

Marketing performance
See how your marketing channels are performing. What channels bring the most profitable customers?

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Richpanel automatically tracks historic and live data from Woocommerce

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