The Frenchie team reduced their tickets by half, the moment Richpanel went live!

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  3. The Frenchie team reduced their tickets by half, the moment Richpanel went live!

Key Results


Reduction in tickets


Customer Satisfaction Score


Self Service Rate


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What problems were you trying to solve

  • We were looking for the perfect software for our agents so that it would be easy for them to understand and work with.
  • We were getting massive amounts of emails every day and we were spending a lot of hours chasing those emails.
  • Despite not having a tech lead or a project manager, we were hoping to implement an advanced solution, rather than a simplistic one.

What results were you able to achieve after moving to Richpanel

  • 47%

    Reduction in Tickets

    We are a small tight-knit team that works crazy hours. We really couldn’t expand our team enough to provide quick response and 24×7 support. Instead, our customers were quick to learn Richpanel’s self-service portal and we cut our workload in half by using the software!

  • 87%

    Customer Satisfaction Rate

    Our customer service reps are not the most tech-savvy, but they took to Richpanel like fish to water and started serving customers promptly. This combined with self-service completely changed our CSAT!



Staring at screens all day and the back and forth between other programs is exhausting and time consuming so it was important we found a software that was pleasing to the eye and had the function to be our sole source for work flow. What really sold me though was the team behind the software. Happy customer service reps makes for better service all around and it's all thanks to Richpanel!

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