BumpBoxx finds that Richpanel is truly a goldmine in all that it offers!


Reduction in Tickets

<10 minutes

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  • Bumpboxx is the future of the urban audio lifestyle, a line of products second to none. Louder & Better!
  • Bringing back the old school swagger while using the greatest technology to provide a quality sound.
  • The Bumpbox team is constantly in the lab creating even louder & better products to get you guys dancing! 

What problems were you trying to solve

  • It was taking way too long for the agents to collect the required data from the customers before we could even start helping them.
  • We knew there were avoidable returns. Needed a way to promptly answer key product questions.
  • Find a way to reduce the total number of support messages that were coming in.

Solutions we considered

What results were you able to achieve after moving to Richpanel

  • 42%

    Reduction in Tickets
    We were able to provide the customers with amazing self-service and made the job easier for us. Immediate drop in Tickets!

  • <10 mins

    First Response Rate

    By freeing up agent load with self-service, we now respond pronto and for the first time go home with all emails answered!

What do you like most about Richpanel

The product and the team is an unbeatable combo!

 The Richpanel app is truly rich in all that this program offers. It is extremely easy to use and easy to tailor to our changing needs. Importantly, the Richpanel team just didn’t sell us some technology like your typical SaaS company. They did a complete analysis of our historical emails, helped find the root causes, understood where we were trying to go and helped us rethink customer service.

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