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  • 310 nutrition is a category leader in the health, weight management and nutritional supplements markets.
  • Passion is helping customers improve their lives by providing proven solutions that fit their lifestyle.
  • Sought out the best ingredients and formulators and have sold 1 Million products.

What problems were you trying to solve

  • We wanted an easy solution for 24X7 support, with our complex mix of onsite and remote agents.
  • We wanted agents to have a personalized 1-1 conversation and uniquely cater to the customer.
  • Wanted to reduce overall ticket counts, while improving customer experience.

Previous Helpdesk

What results were you able to achieve after moving to Richpanel

  • 40%

    Reduction in tickets
    As we set out to deliver 24×7 support, Richpanel’s self-service platform helped reduce tickets by 40% and we are improving on that.

  • 17%

    Converted Conversations
    With self-service taking care of routine queries, our agents are catering uniquely to the customer and a significant portion of our conversations now convert into sales.

What do you like most about Richpanel

User Interface

Ease of use for the customer. Easy authentication, easy access to order and account info, and natural flow to self-resolve frequently asked questions.

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