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Key Results


Supported Languages


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  • The Protein Works is a premium Sports Nutrition brand with innovation as its DNA.
  • They obsess over two things – pure quality in their products and extreme customer satisfaction.
  • They are shipping over 1 million orders to 50+ countries and boasts a massive social presence of over 5 Million in social reach.

What problems were you trying to solve

  • Having scaled globally, the team wanted to ensure consistent customer experience across the globe regardless of the language.
  • Their existing CX solution wasn’t able to scale with their rapid growth and was proving to be extremely costly. 
  • The team had also decided to invest in self-serve to reduce the time spent on repeated queries. 

What results were you able to achieve after moving to Richpanel

  • 50%

    Reduction in Tickets

    With a small team of trained agents, they were able to cut down on complexity and costs. Richpanel enabled them with 24×7 Self-service resulting in 50% reduction in tickets.

  • 87%


    The language localisation for the end customers and seamless Magento integration ensured their CSAT is one of the industry’s best. 


A better helpdesk than Zendesk that allows us to make genuine cost efficiencies, improved experience for our customers and additional features that fit with modern ecommerce consumer expectations. You wont regret choosing RP. They are the real deal!

  • Mark Coxhead Founder & CEO

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